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Industrial Synergy

Industrial symbiosis (IS) is not new, and there have been numerous academic papers written on the subject.

“Industrial symbiosis engages diverse organisations in a network to foster eco-innovation and long-term culture change. Creating and sharing knowledge through the network yields mutually profitable transactions for novel sourcing of required inputs, value-added destinations for non-product outputs, and improved business and technical processes.”

Definitions like this make IS sound complicated and all encompassing. It’s how the academics define it. At KIC we believe this is only a small part of the industrial symbiosis story.

In a nutshell, industrial symbiosis is about product and by-product exchanges, carried out on commercial terms. Or putting it another way, it’s the product or by-product inputs and outputs of one contributing to the inputs and outputs of another.

The KIA is referred to as the world’s best practice example of industrial symbiosis at work. The schematic shown here maps the synergy exchanges as they were in 2020. In the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) we literally have the best example of industrial symbiosis in the world!

Using our calculator, you can see the different products that are engaged from a Sending Organisation to a Receiving organisation. Note: this is only a sample test.

To see the full extent of Materials Exchange in the Kwinana Hub (over 220 flows) CLICK HERE:

Materials Exchange